Adventure is out there

Late night adventure in dtla are the amazing. The whole bar scene has its ups and its down. I have learned that its though to be a guy. I give credit to guys that come up and just strike a conversation with a random stranger. As a lady I benefit from men trying to get into my pants. Free drinks, food and just a good night. So far I have met some amazing people and been to places that I never would have thought possible. But it makes me think, that these people have worked so hard to get what they have and what do I have? I have a great life and I wish that I had the privilege to have a day off and just enjoy the world.

The first night I meet the guy of my dreams and I let him go.. i hope to find him again. He shall be called the seven grand.

The second night was amazing we found two fun people and I never knew that just saying hi to someone will get you free drinks.. I need to slow down.. my body wants the sun. So the night ended with us at a penthouse and with original banksy art work.. the night was saved. I can be happy. I am anticipating the next night and the adventure that will be happening.